SDMS User Groups

Thanks to all Customers and Users who attended the User Meetings that have taken place so far. We plan to commit further resources to extend and improve the User Group Meetings in 2015 and beyond - with additional meetings in Regional Venues, presentations by users and experts in the field as well as useful and we hope interesting training topics!

We have already extended the User Meetings to a full day with the afternoon devoted to training in the use of SDMS software. See below for comments and recommendations from people who attended the last Welsh User Group in Cardiff and the Hospice User Group Meeting!

Putting Customers at the Heart of Business Development:


Hospice User Group and Project Meeting

SDMS Centre, Telford Shropshire TF2 9TX and On Line

Date and Venue to be Announced

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The Welsh User GroupMeeting

Venue to be Announced - South Wales

Date and Venue to be Announced

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The Scottish User Group Meeting

Venue to be Announced - Edinburgh

Date and Venue to be Announced

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The London and South User Group Meeting

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The North West User Group Meeting Date and Venue to be Announced Click Here to Book On Line
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The SDMS User Meetings: Your Opportunity to Get Involved!

The SDMS User Meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • Meet other Users of SDMS Software, share ideas and learn from each other
  • Hear about and use forthcoming SDMS Products
  • Receive news about SDMS Product Development and Technical Strategy
  • Make recommendations and become involved in Product Development
  • Discuss developments in Staff Development, Personnel Management, Learning Management and HR
  • Receive Best Practice Presentations from SDMS Users
  • Be presented with Products from SDMS Third Party Partners
  • Share Sector News

SDMS User Groups include User Meetings in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are held to address the specific requirements in these parts of the UK with the National User Meeting itself to seek to encourage all Users to attend.

SDMS User Group Meeting Customer Recommendations:

Here are some of the recommendations from SDMS Users who attended a recent User Group Meeting in Walesr:

Ms Vickie Lawday, Principal Staff Development Training Officer, City and County of Swansea Social Services:


“I found the day useful and informative. It was particularly useful to be able to share ideas with users from other areas and to tap into the knowledge and expertise of the SDMS staff face to face as opposed to online or over the phone.”


Mr Anthony Tinnuche, Senior Admin Assistant, City and County of Swansea Social Services:


“The Users Groups presented a chance to mix with other users, where ideas could be exchanged, issues discussed & solutions provided.  Information was provided on new options added to the system that make it easier for the user.  The training sessions were an added bonus.”


Ms Nicola Roberts, NVQ Administrator, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services:


“We use SDMS on a daily basis and spending time at the user group enables us to meet and share ideas with other users. The topics on the agenda are always helpful not only on using SDMS but also on broader topics. We can only recommend to other users that they join the next user group meeting.”


Ms Fran Metson, Administrative Assistant, Ceredigion Social Services:


“This is the first time I have attended the user group meeting and I found it particularly useful to meet other users and to meet SDMS staff directly – it’s always good to check that you are using SDMS like other people.”


Here are recommendations from SDMS Users who attended the recent Hospice User Group Meeting 2013:


Ms Karen Grigg, HR Manager, St Cuthbert’s Hospice:


“We have not been able to join the Hospice user group meetings before given the time and cost involved in travel – the new initiative by SDMS to include a virtual user group combined with the face to face meeting at SDMS proved very useful indeed. We were able to schedule different staff to attend the different sessions so that they gained the benefits of the training sessions without the time and cost of travel. Well done SDMS!”


Who Should Attend?

Each meeting is intended for the widest variety and range of Staff working with SDMS - Personnel Managers, Staff Developers, Administrative and Finance Staff, Appraisal Coordinators, QCF Learning and Skills Coordinators, Educational Advisers, Quality Managers and IT Specialists and of course Football Academy Managers. But anyone in your Organisation who needs to know about or how to use SDMS Software should attend.

Terms of Reference and Aims: The Aims of the User Meetings

1. To share and develop expertise in the use of SDMS between Users

2. To co-ordinate activities of common benefit to SDMS Users

3. To periodically review issues in the use of SDMS Systems and progress these

4. To make recommendations for future development

5. To develop the sharing of information regarding Training and Personnel across the many different Organisations using SDMS Software

6. To provide a direct means of communication for SDMS Ltd with its Clients

7. To provide SDMS Ltd with a Forum for Product Announcements and Presentations

An Invitation to Guest Speakers: Share with Other Users How you Use SDMS and the Benefits

Any user of SDMS who is interested in being a Guest Speaker or knows of a specialist who you believe would be of interest to the Group, please let us know.

To Book Your Place at the Next User Meeting: Delegate Prices Available on Request

Simply call Sales and Business Development on +44 (0)1952 200911 or email: your order or send an order by post. We will then confirm your booking by email together with a Meeting Agenda and Information Pack.

Other Product Specific and Sector User Group Meetings

Given the wide range of Products and Customers we also arrange further User Meetings during the year based on particular products e.g. The Hospice Development Group – or specific sectors in which we have a growing presence e.g. Private Sector Training Providers. If you feel that you, your Organisation or the product you use would benefit from a User Meeting please write directly to: The Managing Director. Information about further User Meetings will be posted on this website.

To find out more about SDMS User Groups please contact us:

phone: +44 (0) 1952 200911