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SDMS Payroll Solutions

To complement its range of personnel and training administration software, SDMS Payroll Solutions provide Earnie Payroll from Intex to small, medium and large-scale Companies. As a member of the Earnie Payroll Partner Programme we bring our long experience of working with customers to your payroll requirements. Proven and robust, Earnie Payroll provides one of the UK's leading payroll solutions to SDMS Customers, however many staff they employ. It is available either as a standalone product for payroll processing or integrated with SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows.

  • Earnie Intro - Payroll for Companies with 30 Employees or less (More)
  • Earnie Business - Payroll for Companies with up to 100 Employees (More)
  • Earnie Executive - Payroll for Companies with up to 500 Employees (More)
  • Earnie IQ - Payroll for Unlimited Number of Employees and for MS SQL Server (More)
  • Earnie Extras - P11D Organiser (More)

The most flexible...

Earnie Payroll is one of the most flexible payroll packages available. Building on its 16-bit predecessor, Earnie has been re-designed from scratch, based to take full advantage of true Windows 32-bit technology. It is a payroll system, not just a module of an accounts system. As well as the main system, a range of other modules is available to increase Earnie’s effectiveness and power to an outstanding level. With its strong regard to the Microsoft set standards, it will remain at the forefront of modern technology for many years to come. Earnie Payroll is available in four versions to suit the needs of all organisations from the very smallest business to the large multi site corporation: Earnie Intro is offered for Companies with less than 30 employees while Earnie Business is more suited to larger Companies with up to about 100 employees, Earnie Executive offers additional functions and its typically offered to businesses with upto 500 employees. Earnie Executive can be extended for up to 1,000 members of staff and is optimised for a multi user Client Server Environment. Earnie IQ is designed for the payrolls of medium to large organisations wishing to enjoy the benefits of the MS SQL 2000 database.

Integration with SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows

Earnie Executive and Earnie IQ are available with SDMS V HRPersonnel Payroll Integration Module to provide an integrated payroll - HR solution. More...


Industry Leading Payroll

Whether it is the Intro, Business, Executive or Earnie IQ, Earnie provides payroll functionality and reliability at its best. With experience of developing and deploying industry leading payroll systems, through its national network of certified dealers, since the 1970s INTEX has a proven track record of success in payroll.

"Intex Software is a leader in the UK Payroll software market. Authors of award winning payroll - Earnie32, Intex offers best of breed quality and integration capabilities and delivers this to the market place through its partners such as SDMS LTD. With around 4,000 users and a team determined to offer the best customer service, from research and development to front line support, Intex are truly the 'Payroll People'"

Tony Ashworth, Managing Director of Intex.