SDMS V Simplex Training and Learning Manager for Business


SDMS V Simplex Training and Learning Manager for Business is designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses to manage employee training simply and easily. It is designed specifically for Training Managers with Training Administration, Training Evaluation, Appraisal and Training Needs Modules in a single affordable system.



Training courses and activities can be recorded whether internal or external, with details on the type of activity, training subject area, organiser, provider and summary of the course entered. Further details of when the course is running with closing dates can be entered. Costs can be recorded for the activity as a whole and also costs of training can be recorded for individual employees and staff.



Cost categories are user-definable. These are used to enable businesses to closely control Staff Development and Training Budgets. Qualifications and Competencies which can be gained by successful completion of the course can be assigned and a Materials and Document library for the course can be set up.  Details of enrolments with acceptance, waiting lists, application date and approval can be recorded simply and easily.


Course Evaluation Questionnaires can be set up and responses to the quality and usefulness of training recorded and analysed to support effective Staff Development monitoring. Delegate Evaluation Reports include forms received and missing evaluation forms.

The questionnaires are fully definable and can be configured to match your existing evaluation forms, so that data entry can follow the logical order from historic and current course evaluations.


SDMS V Simplex allows you to set up and schedule a range of Appraisal meetings from initial focus or agenda setting meetings, through assessments and observations to formal appraisal interviews.  Dates, times and those involved can all be logged and for each key element of Appraisal, such as observations and detailed summaries can be held.

Agreed Appraisal targets and actions can be recorded, assigned a weighting and priority to aid ongoing development and follow up. SDMS V Simplex supports the management of Appraiser-Appraisee pairings with the ability to assign multiple Appraisers in each Appraisal meeting.

When recording and scheduling training, it can often be the case that you would be entering details for a person's training for an activity that is not yet in the system. It can be a slightly long-winded process to go into the activity screen and create a new activity, then an event and finally enrol the person onto it when you only need to record the details for a single person. With this in mind, the Individual Training Activity screen is provided as a quick-entry method to record training.




Personnel information is held for all staff including names, addresses, telephone numbers, gender and ethnicity. Training histories and records are maintained for all employees and automatically updated as they apply for and attend training events.

A full employee profile of competencies, qualifications and skills can be held and a Materials and Documents library set up for each employee. A standard data import allows key data of Staff Reference, Type of Staff and Name to be imported from other systems. Reports let you know when qualifications and competencies will expire so that retraining can be organised. Skills and Qualifications can be recorded as Achieved, In Progress or Required and can be inherited from the Post Requirements.

People can be attached to several groups in the system which can allow for simple grouping such as specifying a person’s department, for example, or more usefully to put teams of staff into training groups which can be used to enrol everyone from a group on to a course in a single step, which can drastically reduce the amount of data entry required.

Standard reports built into SDMS V Simplex enable the user to analyse training events, training evaluation, appraisals and equal opportunities. SDMS V Simplex integrates with Microsoft Office™ to enable the user to take advantage of elements within the Office range. Microsoft Word™ can receive the formatted reports which can then be incorporated with other documents or be amended before printing. Data can also be output to Microsoft Excel™ so that the user can perform analysis of the data to improve School Review and Development Planning. Reports can also be exported to Text Files and also PDF’s, and Export Steps can be saved for exports that are run regularly. Using Microsoft Outlook™; reminder tasks can be scheduled to remind the user to run exports regularly.

And now, Integrated into Simplex is its own Report Writer for ad hoc report writing on data held in Simplex. Users can design and write their own reports, in their style when they want and in a format they need.

"After looking at several other training management systems, we found that SDMS Simplex was more feature rich and addressed far more of our needs for training administration. With the ability to manage training, course evaluation and performance review in the system, along with the reporting features, the added bonus of the low price makes SDMS Simplex very good value for money.


SDMS have been helpful from the point of initially looking at the system with a full demonstration, providing free remote installation and to help get us up and running, free On-Line Training.


The ability to bring in staff records from our existing systems via the import feature has saved a lot of data entry and we can start managing and administering training straight away.


Employing some 100 people Simplex is ideally suited to our business and we are looking forward to putting it into operation in the coming weeks.”  Fraser Mackellar, Managing Director, Mackellar Sub-Sea Ltd

Training courses set up in Simplex are immediately advertised to employees on the web with staff and employees able to apply directly on line with course bookings being notified to them by email; staff can view their training records at any time and also complete training evaluations with e-Simplex. Self Serve will guarantee that your business will reduce the cost of training course applications and approvals.

Dashboard and Business Intelligence Module

Simplex Training and HR Dashboard Module provides an immediate, complete and easily understood visual presentation of key training performance indicators for your organisation.


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SDMS V Simplex Dashboard Module

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