SDMS V Professional Player Records Manager

SDMS V Professional Player Records is a comprehensive system for maintaining essential player personnel information and assisting with first team administration. Ranging from basic personnel records and contact information, agents details and transfer agreements, medical records, team selection and playing records, it complements systems already in place in many Clubs.


Whether your concern is the technical skills development of currently signed players; scouting and assessment of prospective signings; registration of players, agents and players fee, signing fees due; transfers and special features of first team squad contracts, including the task of calculating monthly amounts due; or maintaining detailed medical and injury records; assessing individual match performance; or assessing the forthcoming opposition or one of the myriad of other tasks associated with day-to-day Football Club Administration, then the Player Administration system will meet your needs.

Contracts, Transfer Agreements and Salary

The Player Contracts Module provides detailed personnel records for all players including addresses, next of kin, previous clubs and other elements. In addition, it provides facilities for the transfer of players by recording details of the transfer fee, the basis on which the payment is agreed (e.g. instalments with a percentage due on particular dates), the player’s signing-on fee, with Agent’s percentage recorded. The tracking of the player in terms of the schedule of payments linked to number of appearances and settlement dates are also held. Records of the player’s pay, as well as standard items includes match, goal bonuses, appearances made bonus, as well as details of player’s benefits and insurance. The calculation of monthly amounts due makes wage bill control of complex contracts less of a burden. The administration of when signing-on fees are due, instalments of transfer fees due, expiry of work permits, renewal dates of insurance policies, expiry of contracts and players that are heading for suspension can all be triggered by alarms and reminders.

Matches and Playing Records

The Squad Management Module provides match history, appearance, selection and substitution for each player, together with scores, match discipline and post match assessments. The logging and tracking of International appearances are included within the software. A full profile of the player’s history with the Club can be easily managed by logging details of the match, whether a league, cup or friendly competition, whether the player was injured, or played as a substitute and how many goals they scored. A log of a player’s discipline record is held including; offence, the number of bookings, sendings off on a cumulative basis, fines, suspensions and censure/hearings where applicable. Where required, the software maintains a database of coaching and training sessions recording dates, coaching or technical development areas, players, coaches and exercises.

Medical Records and Fitness

The Medical Records, Injuries and Medical Audit Module allows full medical histories for all players to be maintained from initial contact, pre-contract medical and throughout their time with the Club. It allows recording the players’ family and relatives background summary with known health problems or illnesses, the players’ previous illnesses and hospitalisation, allergies and treatments, and special medical requirements. Keyword searches allow searches of the databases for medically significant keywords recorded. Special password protection ensures confidentiality. A full record of any injuries sustained can be maintained for all players including date, circumstances of injury, full details, type, sub-type, doctor, and treatment dates and fitness tests. Where the injury leads to insurance claims, these can be managed with the software.

Talent Scouting and Assessments

The on-going process of developing the team by spotting and assessing prospective signings is supported by the ability to gather this information building up the clubs own prospect database. Not only basic personnel data, contact numbers, agents and current contract and club details but also professional player assessments giving match details, team and opposition quality. Specific skills and assessment criteria for player scouting assessment can be set up in the software. Analyses with MS Excel™ provides relevant and immediate information for Managers, Coaches and Club officials.

Fully Integrated

To support the many office functions and to reduce the cost of data entry SDMS Software is integrated with MS Word™, Excel™, MapPoint™, Outlook™, QuickAddress Rapid™ and many other Windows Office™ products for additional functionality and ease of use.

Powerful Reporting

As with other modules of SDMS Football Software; comprehensiveness and flexibility of reporting is included as standard. Data can be analysed to yield comprehensive performance reports to assist clubs in the day to day processes of player management. Standard reports are provided covering players, clubs, matches, medical history and prospects. Each standard report may be customised with easy to use report customisation screens allowing the non-computer expert to get the information they want when they want it.