SDMS V Football Management System - Club Personnel Manager

Personnel Administration

SDMS V Club Personnel Manager provides a comprehensive Personnel Administration System specifically designed for Football Clubs. As well as the standard day-to-day tasks of personnel administration such as maintaining up to date records for all employees and logging absence, the system includes an Academy and Youth Development Module, Professional Player Transfers and Contracts Manager as well as Match Day Stewards Module.

Basic Employee Records are easily maintained. While the minimum of data is required by the system, a wide range of personal information can be easily held including staff reference and NI, names, known as, addresses, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, posts held, job titles and responsibilities, dates of appointment, retirement dates, career benchmarks and promotions, next of kin and doctors details. Staff may be assigned to departments or groups within the organisation.

Posts can be effectively managed at all stages. The software is able to accommodate the simplest to the most complex range of jobs and posts within the organisation at all stages from recruitment to retirement. If desired, the software may be used without defining posts for employees. Alternatively, employees can share the same post or be assigned to several simultaneously. Where specific management of posts is required, the range of data available includes reference code, post title, status (e.g. vacant, frozen) and post type. Pay, grade and scale points together with funding can be set against posts, as well as induction, competency and training requirements. Evaluation criteria for posts can be defined to support periodic post review and authorisation. Global changes can be made to posts and applied to staff assigned to them.

An extension of the job is their Pay Record comprised of Basic Pay, Expenses, Benefits, Pensions, Statutory Maternity Pay (where applicable) building to provide Earnings Record. The information held in these records allows a calculation of the individual’s gross earnings, payment method and bank account details which can be exported to payroll.

Absences can be monitored, controlled, analysed and acted upon. Date, time and duration, together with reasons and whether paid or not can be held for each absence and matched against the standard work pattern for the employee. Detailed and summary analyses are provided in both tabular and graphical formats. Statutory and non-statutory sick pay can be calculated and passed for payment. Maternity leave and pay are also fully managed together with the ability to apply non-statutory leave provisions. Holidays can be planned and recorded within the software. A range of standard letters and memos are provided to assist day to day admininistration.

Grievance and disciplinary records may be maintained in accordance with statutory requirements and best practice. The nature of the grievance or disciplinary offence can be recorded with dates, stages and outcomes. Spent warnings can be purged from the system.


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Employee Appraisal and Performance Review can be administered. Each Appraisal can be scheduled with outcomes and assessments. Action plans can be set up. Qualifications, Skills and Competencies can also be maintained.

Reminders and Alarms can be set. The day-to-day administration of personnel is facilitated by the ability to define reminders and alarms within the software. Reminders and alarms may be associated with actions such as a global update of salary, issuing warnings for absence over a user-specified number of days, maternity leave re-induction reminder, and these in turn can be associated with letters, contracts, memoranda, etc, created and automatically generated by the user.

With many standard reports, views and analyses of all aspects of personnel can be easily obtained including employee costs and funding, absence patterns, posts and contracts, staff deployment, skills and qualifications, appraisals and training, and accident reporting. Each standard report may be queried by the user. An enhanced feature of all SDMS software is the Report Viewer and Editor, which allows full user control over the report outputs including font style and size, bolding, underlining, cut and paste and many other word-processor features. Appropriate reports include pie and bar chart options at the click of a button, in addition to the normal text and columnar outputs.

Security Check Types can be defined by the Club to record any checks made ensuring their staff are appropriately qualified and eligible to be employed. It could be a basic checking of a certificate or qualifications through to a Criminal Records or Safeguarding Children check depending on the Clubs policies and the role they have within the Club. Dates of the check requested and the receipt of responses along with a result and additional notes provide the means to record and confirm clearance checks are completed.

To assist with work flow; standard letters and labels are produced via Microsoft Word™ to support day to day administration. The reports are designed for ease of use, clarity and simplicity. The wide range of reports covering each aspect of the personnel record from basic lists of personnel through: Post and Job Details, Absence Information, Appraisal schedule and Outcomes and others.