SDMS V e-Training for Web and Intranet Access

Web and Intranet Access

SDMS V Staff Development for Windows with SDMS V e-Training Web and Intranet Access provides extensive Training Management functionality combined with fully integrated Web and Intranet Access. This fully integrated system significantly extends the capacity of organisations to support their Employees and Managers with high quality Training and Development Systems and information. Employee Self Serve, Line Manager Course Management, Adminstration and Tutor Access with On Line Training Needs Analysis, Course Evaluation and On Line Reporting are just some of the Web-based Management Tools offered by this innovative software.

With SDMS V e-Training, employee development and training across multiple sites, in complex organanisational environments and where devolved training management is the norm, can be delivered simply and cost effectively while at the same time promoting Manager and Employee involvement and ownership of development.

Comprehensive Training Management

SDMS V e-Training for Web and Intranet Access is specifically designed for both medium and large organisations and supports full Course Management and Administration. Either in the Windows application, or via the browser, data is collected at the proposal, planning, applications and approval or nomination stages. Course Planning and Scheduling, Course Advertising, Enrolments and Attendance are all supported. If required, qualifications and competencies resulting from successful participation in the course can be held together with provider and trainer details. Course aims and objectives, programme and agenda together with course materials can be recorded reducing duplicated effort often experienced in training delivery. Wise Owls, Quick Administrators, Training Checklists, Business Rules with Auto Data Entry and at-a-glance screens, are just some of the many ease of use and Speed Entry Features of the software.

Courses, Costs, Revenues, Providers

SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows with e-Training Access meets the needs of all types of organisations to plan and manage training and development activity for all grades and types of staff – whether full time or part time. It allows both courses and consultancy based training to be fully managed as well as in-house and externally purchased training. It includes extensive facilities for recording all training costs – with user definable Cost Categories, Years, Budget Periods and Budgets – allowing a wide range of costs analyses and training reports to be provided. All sources of staff development funding and costs are reported on within a system for monitoring any associated income. The ability to track training spending to Course, Employee, Trainer, Provider, Cost Centre, Subject and Department is in-built.


Courses and other forms of training planned, set up, scheduled and programmed with the “back office” features of SDMS V Staff Development for Windows are available seamlessly and dynamically to any authorised Web user. And, vice versa. The delays which occur when course directories, adverts and calendars have to be published and circulated to employees, are gone, with immediate presentation of the new course on the Web. No manual Data Import or Export Process or static Content Management is involved. Likewise when Line Managers enrol their Staff or set up Courses they dynamically appear in the Course Scheduling and Planning features of the “back office” SDMS Windows software. Improved communication, faster response to employee training needs, reduced costs and bureaucracy are real, tangible benefits of using SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows: e-Training Edition.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows with SDMS V e-Training brings the power of the Web to good training administration, providing direct and immediate access for multiple Sites, Departments, Teams or Companies within a group. These can now be provided with the most up-to-date information on training and support offered by corporate or departmental training departments, allowing them to trawl and search the Central Database for items of interest, and then register Employees and Managers as delegates at the click of a button. All Web transactions can be confirmed by e-mail or viewed on line directly.

Employee Self Serve

The Employee Self Serve features allow employees or other registered users just to search courses offered by subject and availability and then view such details of the course as: Scope, Programme and Trainers. Having found courses relevant to their needs, they can apply on line, subject to approval by their Line Manager or Funder. When approval is confirmed, they are sent confirmations by email. In addition, they may view their own Training History and Personnel details. Employee Self Study records are available. Access Rights can be defined for a variety of levels.

Line Manager Self Serve

Line Manager Self Serve provides all critical training administration functions to allow Line or Departmental Managers to access centrally provided courses, enroll staff they are responsible for or indeed set up, plan and manage their own team courses and development activities. These can be either exclusively for that department or offered to others through the Web. Line Managers can view employee’s Training History, Training Evaluations and Needs as well as approving applications by their staff. A summary of Staff Trained, Budget Spent and next Employee to be Trained as well as extensive Web-based Reporting is available to Managers.

Training Needs, Evaluation and Appraisal

Delegate Course Evaluations and Employee Training Needs can be completed On Line. Training Needs can be logged by the employee and matched against available and forthcoming courses. An optional Appraisal and Staff Review Module is also available.

Implementation Services

SDMS V e-Training for Web and Intranet Access is supported by a range of implementation services encompassing Web Server Installation, Implementation Consultancy, User Training, Technical Support, Project Management and Bespoke Software Development.