SDMS V Professional Player Contracts and Pay Manager

SDMS V Professional Player Contracts and Pay Manager is an indispensable aid to managing player contracts and pay. Whether the transfer agreements and player contracts in your Club are simple or complex, the software will ease the burden on keeping track of payments made and payments due to players, agents and others. The software includes Registration, Transfer Agreement and Player Contract details.

SDMS V Professional Player Contracts and Pay Manager can be used as a standapart system or as a module of SDMS Club Personnel Administrator - it has been developed over many years with leading Clubs and experts in the field and provides a range of modules for the managment of players. The initial signing includes Registration, Transfer Agreement and Player Contract details.

Player Registration: The players registration details, registration dates, playing position and clearance status. It identifies the Previous Club, a list of all Agents involved and all League or Competitions Registrations.

Player Transfers: Transfer details list all fee payments to be paid by date due, identifying if the payment is to Agent, Player or Club. Fees that are dependant upon performance criteria have appearance, goal and game type criteria set. To ensure your club does not miss reembursement clauses in contracts, a Payments Audit and Checklist assists in monitoring Agent, Club and Player payments.

Loans: On the occations when a Player is temporarily on loan, either to or from other Clubs, the details of the loan can also be recorded showing loan periods, fees and salary payment.

Player Contracts: Complicated Professional Player Contracts can be recorded with performance based contractual increments, individual performance payments and team performance incentive payments. Criteria included are: Length of Service, Age, Number of Appearances, Goals scored, Type and Class of Match and whether % uplift or stated amount.

Also included are Accommodation, Trips Home and Additional Benefits. The recording of players standard pay as well as the bonus and incentive payments enable the system to calculate figures for use with Ms Excelâ„¢.

Flexible and Comprehensive formulas for - additional payments based on the teams progression in competitions or leagues with game results, appearances, goals scored or clean sheets kept - payment calculation for both individual and team incentive payments.

SDMS V Professional Player Contracts and Pay Manager supports the day to day administration process by the use of customisable alarms and reminders. When signing-on fees are due, instalments of transfer fees due, expiry of contracts and players that are heading for suspension can all be triggered by alarms and reminders. With standard letters and labels being produced via Microsoft Word to support day to day player administration.

Detailed reports are provided for Contractual information, Earning Details and Payments Schedules for Agents, Clubs and Player, with additional match performance analysis reports that can track Professional Players from initial signing. Data can also be imported into spreadsheets for further analysis.