e-Learning Excellence with eFront Enterprise™

eFront Enterprise™ e-Learning

eFront is an internationally recognised award winning e-Learning platform providing everything you need to deliver and develop the e-Learning option in your organisation. An attractive and engaging e-course centre for employees to track and manage their own learning. In built course development and authoring tools to help your trainers develop your own course materials and content. Communication and social networking tools to support skills networking and mentorship. Skills profiling for the organisation to evaluate the outcomes of e-Learning provision.

eFront Enterprise can be used independently of SDMS V Staff Development and e-Training or as a fully integrated e-Learning extension to them. eFront Enterprise™ provides a practical framework for collecting, organising and managing employee skills, helping you track skills development as they progress and improce their abilities through a variety of learning paths and strategies. eFront Enterprise™ offers a coherent approach to the management of the skills and learning for your organisations most valued asset - the people working in your Company. eFront Enterprise™ builds on eFronts e-Learning platform and includes a wide range of added functionality from extended personnel, branch and group management of skills and the automatic assignment of e-Learning Courses based on these skills profiles.

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Now with Integrated eFront Classroom and Face to Face Training Module

The Classroom Training Module of eFront is designed to enable Training Managers and Administrators to plan and deliver face-to-face and classroom training courses and address the day-to-day operational tasks of training administration. With eFront’s e-Learning course features, it allows you to deliver all forms of training from traditional classroom based courses, through conferences, team development, on the job workplace training, workshops to e-Learning courses, providing a total blended training management system.

With the increasing need of organisations to take advantage of e-Learning but at the same time combine this with the more traditional ways of delivering training and employee development, the module provides Learning Managers with a set of tools to plan, deliver, administer and monitor classroom or work based courses of all kinds.