SDMS V e-Needs for Web and Intranet Access

Training Needs On Line

Offered as an optional Module with either SDMS V e-Training or SDMS V e-HRP for Web and Intranet Access. SDMS V e-Needs provides Employee Self Serve for them to enter and update their Training Needs or for Line Managers to do so when carrying out Job Reviews.

A simple easy to use screen allows Employees to specify their Training Requirements and Needs On Line by the Subject or Training Area – providing a link to the Business Plan – the specific element of training, the level of training and its urgency. The process through which it is determined (such as Appraisal or a Survey) can be recorded separately for each item of need and a weighting relative to other needs set. Further details can also be held including a General Description of the Need, the Duration of Training Required, How the Training Should be Delivered and by whom. Likewise Managers can update their Employees Training Needs File On Line - whether as a result of Appraisal Staff Survey or other occasion.


e-Training - My Training Needs


This feeds back immediately into the SDMS “back office“ System and allows Needs to be matched to Available Training Opportunities, this is built into the System. With a Person's Needs fully available at the Enrolment Stage, Names of Possible Delegates are available at the touch of a button. The ability to Reserve Places, Directly Enroll, or simply Notify Employees by Letter of a Potentially Relevant Course are all available.