SDMS Adviser Systems for Local Authority Education and Children's Services School Support

Managing School Support Services: SDMS Adviser Systems

The need to plan School Support Services provided by Education and Children's Services Departments has never been greater. How and when Advisers are scheduled to work with Schools making the best possible use of their time and skills is essential in providing leadership in achieving improved quality and School performance. Planning how to best deliver service contracts combined with the ability to respond to School ad hoc requests for Advisory Support or to address the needs of a failing School all require accurate, up to date and timely reports of what support has been provided and what Adviser resource is available.

No two Local Authority Children’s Services run and manage their School Support Services in exactly the same way. While they have many features in common, each is unique. That is why we offer a range of fully integrated and complementary products and systems for planning, scheduling and reporting on all School Visits by Advisers and others. These encompass:

Windows: SDMS

A Windows system to support your office administration, logging all visits and visit reports provided to them by Advisers in the form of Word documents, emails or telephone calls.

SDMS Adviser and School Support for Windows provides an integrated system for the management of Advisory and Inspection Services with the software’s individual Adviser or Advisory Team Diaries. A simple and easy to use diary allows dates and times of Schools Visits to be logged. At-a-glance calendar views bring office administrators immediately up-to-date on diary commitments for Advisers. Reports of Schools’ visits - provided by email or Word Templates can be recorded – with optional School assessments. A full assessment and School status history is maintained for each School. Extensive details of Service Level Agreements and Contracts with Schools can be recorded with contract management built in. A comprehensive profile of the services delivered to meet these contracts is held in the system based on completed Advisers visit forms (or e-Adviser). Full details of School Visits undertaken by Advisers can be recorded, including: subject priority, the type of work undertaken, the scope of the work, specific objectives, any associated costs and revenues, preparation time and reporting time involved.


A completely Web based system for Advisers to use and log their own visits and visit reports. Schools are able to view support history of visits on line and request future meetings and view planned visits by Advisers.

Fully integrated with the Windows System acting as a back office, e-Adviser extends the capacity of Local Authorities to support Schools by a simple easy to use Web based system, recording School Visits and Adviser Visit Diary commitments.

Massively reducing time-consuming paperwork, the simple process of recording appointment and School Visits lead to a comprehensive profile of support provided to Schools by the Local Authority to its Schools – by all types of staff, subject or business area, service type, date and by School and phase. Schools can view School visit reports On Line.

MS Outlook Synchronisation: SDMS

A system which integrates with Advisers current use of MS Outlook™ on their office desktop or notebook (and that can be used without MS Exchange).

Where Advisers use Ms Outlook™ to record School appointments via their desktop PC or notebook, the ability to synchronise appointments when in the “office”, is supported by SDMS Adviser Integration and Synchronisation Module for Microsoft Outlook™. With dates and times of School visits recorded in Microsoft Outlook™ and synchronised with data held in SDMS Adviser and School Support for Windows and e-Adviser, a complete profile of support activity is maintained. Appointments and visits scheduled via the Windows or web products are also synchronised with the Advisers Outlook™.

Exchange Server and Mobiles: SDMS

A system which utilises MS Exchange Server for collaboration allowing Advisers to use Mobile Phones, PDAs or Outlook for the Web to record appointments with Schools.

For organisations who have standardised collaboration via MS Exchange Server, School visits can be recorded by Advisers via PDAs, Mobile Phones, Outlook for the Web or MS Outlook™ with seamless integration with SDMS Adviser Windows and Web. Similarly, visits planned via SDMS Adviser for Windows or e-Adviser appear as commitments in the Advisers PDA or mobile phone etc.

Combined Options: SDMS a combination of all of these

Whichever option or combination of options you choose, SDMS Adviser provides a common database of School information, Adviser Appointments, School Visits, with Reporting across all areas of Schools Support Services.

Implementation and SDMS Services

SDMS has a proven track record of providing Software to Education and Children's Services for over 18 years. This enables you to rely on us to provide you with a reliable and cost effective system to support the training and Advisory Services offered to your Schools. With experience of implementing SDMS in a variety of Local Authorities including; Data Take On from outgoing systems, customisation to meet your needs, integration with existing systems and websites, as well as specialist user training, we offer a solution which will guarantee success!

Cost Benefits of Standard Systems with Bespoke Services: The Best of Both Worlds

SDMS provides a standard system or package which will address most, if not all your requirements, now and for some time into the future. Our active development programme means we will probably keep pace with change at least. Where your very specific needs are not met by the standard package, we provide highly cost effective bespoke programming and development services so that these can be provided to you.