SDMS V Academy and Youth Development for Windows


Young Player Development - Easy to Use

Beginning in 1998, SDMS V Soccer Academy and Youth Development for Windows has been developed with some of the UKs leading Football Clubs. This initiative coincided with the introduction of more systematic youth development and the creation of Academies by the Football Association. Whether your needs are basic record keeping for young players or more extensive scouting and match records the software will enable you to do the work you need and provide a range of software tools to support your development of young talent.

Portsmouth FC bought SDMS V Football Academy Software to support the administration of its Centre of Excellence and Youth Development Programme in October 2000.

Marina Emberson, the Club’s Youth Development Secretary and Administrator, said about the decision to purchase SDMS Academy:

“We already had a well organised system for recording personal and registration details for all our young players. We held basic player records in MS Access. But we wished to make sure that our systems were as effective as possible so when we heard of SDMS and the work it was doing with many of the leading clubs in the country we decided to have a look. We found that the software was a good match to what we wanted but we also needed the software changed in several ways to match precisely our needs - SDMS was helpful and positive. In the last Football League inspection we were highly commended by the Football League for our Administration of the Youth Development Programme, this was in no small way due to SDMS software".

WorkGroup Edition

The SDMS V Academy Workgroup Edition is specifically offered where the number of concurrent users is not expected to exceed five and so is ideal for the day to day operation of Academies. It can be installed without the use of a dedicated server if need be and where there is a need for more than 5 concurrent users we recommend our Full Client Server product.

Flexible Integrated Modular Design – User Options

SDMS V Football Academy and Youth Development for Windows may be purchased as a single product with all functions and modules or as a core system with the option to buy additional modules as budget and need dictates.