SDMS V Match Day Stewards Manager

Match Day Stewards

SDMS Ltd has a National reputation for its Football Management Software. Its suite of software inlcudes Academy Management, Player Assessments, Medical Records, Match Records and Scouting. Now, SDMS Match Day Stewards Records and Management Software extend this still further.

SDMS V Match Day Stewards Manager provides the essential personnel information for recruiting, training, scheduling and renumeration of match day stewards, SDMS Match Day Stewards system makes a contribution to ensuring match day safety by giving you the information to ensure the right staff are in the right place at kick-off.

Staff Records

Match Day Stewards Details


Staff Records

Match Day Stadium Layout with Attendance


Stewards Personnel Records

SDMS Match Day Stewards system allows you to maintain accurate and essential personnel details for match day staff including:

  • Names, Address, Telephone Numbers, Email
  • Job Details Including Start Date, Previous Employment, Job and Training
  • Rates of Pay and Contract Details
  • Qualifications, Assessment and Exercises
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Contract Details

Match Day Management

The Software Includes:

  • Match Day Casual Staff Details, Including Basic Personnel Details, Location, Training, Qualifications, Assessment and Exercises
  • Work Schedule; Including Work Type (e.g.. Match Day, Training, etc.)
  • Default Log In/Out Times for Different Staff Types
  • Hourley Pay Rates Based on Individual Staff Types
  • Attendance, Lateness and Absence for Scheduled Workdays
  • Barcode Reading Software for Log Ins/Outs via Barcode ID Swipe Cards Featuring Automatic Card Acceptance and Optional Confirmation Screen/Lateness Warnings


The control and management of match day staff is increasingly vital for the cost-aware Club. The range of analysis reports will help any club using the software to increase the professionalism of its day to day personnel management.