SDMS V e-Evaluation for Web and Intranet Access

Evaluating Training On Line

Offered as an optional Module with SDMS V e-Training, this tool allows Delegate and Trainer Course Evaluations to be entered via the browser. SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows provides “back office” functions allowing Training Evaluation Questionnaires to be designed and set up seamlessly for the browser.

Training Evaluation Questionnaires, with unlimited questions, can be designed by the User to assess the effectiveness of Course Management and Delivery, Relevance, Skills and Objectives Achieved, Transfer to the Job, and Benefit to Clients and the Business. Each question can have different responses – Alphabetical, Numeric, and Descriptive – together with General Comments. Questions can also be grouped to form distinct Questionnaires for Specific Purposes – such as a Special Questionnaire to evaluate a High Value Management Course. Where required, an Action Plan may be attached to each completed questionnaire, defining a range of Actions, Target Dates and Quality Impacts resulting from the training attended. Evaluation Stages can be set up for Pre Course, End of Course and Post Course Business Impact Questionnaires.

Employee Self Serve - On Line Training Course Evaluation Completion

Employees can access any Course they have attended or been booked on to complete Delegate Training Evaluations and to record any Action Plan they intend to follow in the Work Place to apply the Knowledge and Skills gained.



Line Manager Self Serve - On Line Training Course Evaluation

Line Managers can view the training involvement of all their Staff. They can see at a glance which Staff have attended Training and how they evaluated the Course – or enter the Course Evaluations with the Member of Staff concerned. This provides and essential tool for supporting Managers to work with their Teams to transfer and translate learning into improved performance on the job.

Trainer and Administration Access for On Line Training Course Evaluation Completion

Alternatively, Trainers or Training Administrators can enter Training Evaluations for Delegates.

External Trainers or Training Providers On Line Training Course Evaluation Completion

Questionnaires can be set up for Trainers as opposed to Delegates with completion by Trainers. This may be valuable where Training is provided by External Providers and forms part of the Contract and Quality Control.