SDMS V Appraisal for Windows


To ensure that your training and personnel department is never left wanting when it comes to effectively managing employee training SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows provides a fully integrated system for all aspects of training and employee development. Simple, easy to use, but rich in functionality and comprehensive in scope, SDMS V Staff Development will ensure that you are at the forefront of best practice in staff development. It is extended to support employee performance with SDMS V Appraisal for Windows.

Training Management System

The system supports full course management and administration. Data is collected at the proposal, planning, application, approval or nomination stages. Course planning and scheduling, course advertising, enrolments and attendance are all supported. If required qualifications and competencies resulting from successful participation in the course can be held together with provider and trainer details. Course aims and objectives, programme and agenda together with course materials can be recorded reducing duplicated effort often experienced in training delivery. It provides a means of fully incorporating training and development into overall business planning, as well as for organising and delivering all forms of training and development from traditional courses to open learning. And of course, date clashes for trainers, events and delegates is standard to help with the practicalities of planning and scheduling.

Employee Performance and Appraisals

The SDMS V Appraisal for Windows provides an optional module to ensure that appraisals are planned and followed through thereby proving an essential tool for the management of employee development and performance as well as helping training managers enhance the overall quality of employee training. Recent research and evaluation of appraisal schemes – whether in the private or public sector – indicate that the potential of appraisal to improve quality can be significantly enhanced by simple and effective administration and by consistent follow up of the appraisal targets. SDMS V Appraisal for Windows provides a software solution ensuring that you are able to guarantee this! It is designed for use by those responsible for the day to day co-ordination and progress chasing of appraisal: ensuring that everyone has been assigned an appraiser, that meetings are being scheduled and take place, that line managers are active in following up appraisal meetings, that the consequences for training are carried through. These are just some of the practical business benefits from using SDMS V Appraisal for Windows.

Meetings and Interviews

SDMS V Appraisal for Windows supports the management of appraiser-appraisee pairings with the ability to assign multiple appraisers in each appraisal. It allows the user to set up and schedule a range of appraisal meetings from initial focus or agenda setting meetings, assessments, task observations (including classroom observation for education) through formal appraisal interviews to follow up monitoring and review meetings. Dates, time and those involved can all be logged and for each key element of appraisal, such as on the job task observations, detailed summaries can be held.

Appraisal Targets and Training Needs

Agreed appraisal targets and outcomes can be recorded, assigned a weighting and priority to aid ongoing performance development and assessment. Importantly all appraisal targets can be linked into the business plan and may be flagged as a training and development need allowing the link between appraisal and business planning to be made explicit. Links are also provided to SDMS V Staff Development for Windows with the ability to match needs from appraisal to available or planned training. Action plans can be set out for any appraisal target with specific actions, review dates and action by information.

Save Time and Cost

SDMS V Appraisal’s “Wise Owls” provide a step-by-step guide for the easy entry of data, while its “Business Rules” allow you to model the software to the way you want to run appraisal in the way you want e.g. setting a maximum number of appraisals for each appraiser to reduce overload to line managers or defining how many weeks should be between each meeting.

Quick Administrators and Checklists

Appraisal Administration Checklists ensure that those essential jobs required for appraisal to run smoothly are just never forgotten. The software will automatically check such items as: are all appraisees assigned an appraiser, have formal interviews been carried out etc. SDMS V Appraisal for Windows also includes comprehensive personal details including: names and addresses, gender, ethnicity, religion, qualifications, competencies and post information. With over 40 standard reports covering all aspects of appraisal from basic listings and summaries to scheduling and planning reports the software provides an indispensable tool for the Appraisal Manager or Co-ordinator.

Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting

The standard reports include appraisal schedules, pairings, meetings, targets and outcomes and of course training needs resulting from appraisal interviews. Each report can be customised to view appraisals by employee, appraiser, department and staff type. Employees who have not completed their appraisal can be picked up. Reporting in SDMS software utilises a Report Viewer and Editor which allows full user control over report outputs including font style and size, bolding, underlining, cut and paste and many other word processor features together with report output file management including save and open. Appropriate reports include pie and bar chart options at the click of a button, in addition to normal text and columnar outputs. In addition, SDMS V Report Writer: Crystal Reports™ is offered as an optional purchase and provides the user with the ability to design and write their own reports.