SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows

Software for People: On Premise and Hosted Cloud

The extensive and rich functionality of SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows makes a positive contribution to the well managed Business and Organisation. By providing all of the key elements of Record Keeping, Administration and Employee Management, SDMS Personnel Software makes a real difference to the performance of the Business and its Employees.

It is a truly modular system available in a variety of technical formats from a Workgroup for the smaller Business to Thin Client for the very large with sector specific editions addressing the needs of Organisations as diverse as FE Colleges, Adult and Social Services, NHS, Hospices and Care Homes as well as SME and large Companies.

Future oriented HR and Personnel Departments who see the need for practical easy to use systems which help in the day to day management of employees but at the same time allow strategic information to be produced when required will place SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows high on their "must have" list.

HRPersonnel is available for both On Premise Installation and Hosted Cloud deployment.  How you install and implement the system can be tailored to your needs, budget and IT Resources.

Core Functionality

Employee Details and Addresses, Next of Kin, Emergency Contacts, Equal Opportunities Data, CRB Checks, Holidays and Leave Record, Employment Details, Job History, Salary and Salary History, Employment Contracts, Pensions Record, Qualifications and Skills, Establishment Management, Working Hours and Work Patterns, Non-Statutory and Statutory Absence including; Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Adoption Leave, Grievance and Discipline, Health and Safety, Employee Images, Diaries and Reminders, Ten User Definable fields, Quick Administrators, Business Rules, Utilities, Access Rights and Simple View Tab Tool, Standard Reports with Customisation, Standard Word Templates and Mail Merge.

Flexible Integrated Modular Design - User Options

SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows may be purchased as a single product with all functions and modules or as a core system with the option to buy additional modules as budget and needs dictate. The core system will exceed any organisations needs for basic Personnel Administration.

Optional Modules Available:


Training Administration Click Here
Part Time and Casual Staff Manager Click Here
Line Manager Access Click Here
e-HRP.Net Self Serve Web Access Click Here
Recruitment and Selection Click Here
EasyRecruit.Net Professional: On Line Job Applications Click Here
Staff Scheduling and Rostering Click Here
CQC Staffing Returns Report Click Here
Payroll Integration Click Here








All optional modules are fully integrated with the Core System. While keeping costs to a minimum, the modular route allows you to extend the system as your Business and its HR functions grow.

Of course, where your requirements in Training Administration and Employee Development are more extensive than that provided by the Training Module of our Personnel System then you also have the option to choose SDMS V Staff Development for Windows with its wide range of optional modules covering Training Evaluation, Training Needs, IIP Planning and QCF Learning and Skills.

Just for Your Kind of Business - Sector Editions
We offer a range of special editions designed and developed over many years to meet the unique requirements of specific business sectors. Each edition is based on the practical experience of working with Customers in each sector and responding to their requirements. Sector specific editions may incorporate specific modules for that Business (SIR Module for FE Colleges, HESA Module for Universities, NMDS for Adult and Social Care, Rostering for Hospices etc.) as well as specific reporting requirements (Employee Training Analysis in Construction, Staffing Returns in Social Care etc.) as well as many detailed changes to match the working practices and HR culture.
A System for any Volume

Workgroup - Client Server Enterprise - Remote Desktop - VMWare - Citrix - Thin Clients and Hosted Cloud

We offer SDMS V HRPersonnel to meet all types of organisations with a wide range of Employees numbers from 50 employees or less to many thousands. Our Workgroup Editions provide from 1 to 5 users without a Network Server, while our Client Server and Thin Client editions offer solutions to Organisations with large numbers of users across a variety of work locations. This is scalable to our Full Client Server product with VMWare, Citrix Xen App or Windows Remote Desktop deployment to SDMS Hosted Cloud with hundreds and thousands of users. And of course can be combined with e-HRP.Net for employee and manager web self-serve.

Hosted Cloud

SDMS V HRPersonnel Cloud is installed on our high quality secure cloud servers rather than being installed on your servers with massive savings on hardware purchase and IT Support for the server. SDMS Cloud enables you to run a standard Windows based software over the Internet. Benefits include:


  • Ease and Simplicity of Implementation without the need to install and maintain software on your own Computers or Servers
  • Ease of on-going Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Ease of Backups and Reliability
  • Guaranteed Availability and Service Levels
  • Flexibility for Increase in Number of Users and Growth
  • We can get you up and running within just a few days
  • Affordable with no capital outlay!
  • No additional software or expensive hardware to purchase
  • Application experts to support your use of the system
  • Accessed from any device - iPad, iPhone etc.


For more details see HRPCloud Webpage

e-HRP.Net for Web Self Serve

e-HRP.Net Self Service Web Access Module provides a seamless and fully dynamic intranet and web access system for SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows. It helps you simplify and reduce the cost of many day to day administration tasks by providing easy to use browser access for employees, managers and administrators. Cut out unnecessary paper forms and the time taken to complete them, and at the same time improve communication and collaborative working with between staff.

For more details see e-HRP.Net Webpage

EasyRecruit.Net Professional: On Line Job Applications

EasyRecruit.Net Professional: On Line Job Applications Web Tool allows job vacancies entered in the HRPersonnel “back office” to be posted immediately to your own website with the ability for potential applicants to search for the most suitable job available and to complete their applications online. The time and cost of processing job applications is therefore massively reduced as job data entered in the Windows product is immediately available on your recruitment web pages and data entered by job applicants is dynamically updated in the SDMS V HRPersonnel.


(The Recruitment and Selection Module of HRPersonnel provides a fully integrated  module for authorising vacancies and planning recruitment campaigns, logging initial enquires and job applications, as well as scheduling interviews and conducting applicant assessments)

For more details see EasyRecruit.Net Professional Webpage

Recruitment and Selection: Equal Opportunities Data

The HRPersonnel Recruitment and Selection Module provides extensive equal opportunities data that can be gathered during the recruitment and selection process. This is in addition to the equal opportunities information in the Core system and reflects the increasing demands on compliance imposed by law and HR best practice. In summary this includes:

  • Notes field to the gender and transgender data form in the Employee Record
  • A gender and transgender form to the Candidate form of the Recruitment Module
  • Pregnancy and Maternity data
  • Former Name of the applicant on the Main Candidate Form
  • Marital Status: Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • More than one reason for applying for the job
  • Further Candidate data to address Eligibility to Work in UK
  • Notes on Restrictions for Working in UK
  • Extended Data on Disability
  • Candidates Relationship to employed or related to members
Compliance and Statutory Returns

Whether your concerns as a personnel manager are making sure that you satisfy the rules and regulations on employment in general or whether you have specific concerns such as policy and practice of the employment of foreign workers HRPersonnel will ensure legal and best practice compliance. It support compliance in: 


  • Contracts of Employment and Employment Protection
  • EU Working Time Directive
  • Absence - Statutory and Non Statutory
  • Health and Safety at Work and Accidents
  • Equal Opportunities and the Equality Act
  • Work Permits and Regulation of Foreign Workers
  • Safeguarding and DBA
  • Pensions and Pension Rights
  • Holiday Entitlement
  • Data Protection and Policy
  • Managing Communication Policies


The software supports a wide range of statutory returns which include: SIR for FE Colleges, HESA Staff Record for universities, NMDS-SC and CMDS for social Work and the staffing element of the CQC Provider Information Return for hospices just to mention a few.


Link to FE Colleges SIR Webpage

Link to Universities HESA Staff Record Webpage

Link to NMDS-SC and CMDS Webpage

Link to CQC Provider Information Return for Hospices Webpage


Integration with Payroll!

The extensive pay features of HRPersonnel - Basic Pay, Pay Rates, Pay Scales, Overtime, Deductions, SSP and SMP - can be made available for processing by Payroll via the Payroll Data export module. This includes new starter, leaver and periodic and variable data. The Payroll Export module may be used with most payrolls packages.

SDMS Ltd is a partner for Earnie Payroll and HRPersonnel is also available with Earnie Intro, Business, Executive and IQ.

Link to Earnie Payroll Webpage