Software Solutions for Universities

  The Strategic Role of the University Sector

No one can be in doubt of the importance of the Universities sector in the UK today.  With massive growth in participation rates over the last 10 years, changes in funding, commercialism and new departures in modes of student learning and delivery methods the agenda for change places ever increasing importance on how people are managed and skills development for University staff at all levels and of all types.

With experience and expertise built up over 20 years, SDMS provides a unique set of learning management and personnel software systems to support Universities in meeting these challenges (SDMS Ltd. Originated in government funded FE project work in the late 1980s to develop national staff development policy guidelines for the DES and MSC and the value of “ a training database”).

SDMS Software available for the University Sector includes:

SDMS V Staff Development for Universities (More...) Yes Web e-Training and Web Learning Management (More...) Yes
Staff and Performance Appraisal (More...) Yes SDMS V e-HRP.Net Web Access (More...) Yes
SDMS V HRPersonnel for Universities (More...) Yes SDMS V e-SD.Net (More...) Yes
eFront Enterprise e-Learning (More...) Yes e-Appraisal (More...) Yes
Payroll Systems from SDMS (More...) Yes SDMS V Recruitment and Selection (More...) Yes
Payroll Integration - To Existing Payroll (More...) Yes HESA Staff Record (More...) Yes
Integration with Universities Systems and Bespoke Services (More...) Yes


A Training and Learning Management System

SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management provides a comprehensive Training Management System addressing all aspects of the learning and development of University Staff. An integrated system for Lecturers and Teachers, Administration and Support Staff, Managers and External Clients, it encompasses: Course Planning and Scheduling, Bookings, Enrolments and Attendance, Approval and Notifications, Trainer, Rooms and Resource scheduling, Estimated Training Costs and Budget Management, (Training Income and Revenues). And of course; extensive Reporting and Workflow with Templates and Emails.

Beyond this, the system offers optional Staff Development tools for Training and CPD Planning, Training Evaluation, Training Needs Records and Appraisal.

Web Self Serve and Line Manager Access

Whether it is simply to offer course information on the web or devolve staff development to Managers and Lecturers, SDMS Web e-Training provides: On Line Enrolment and Delegate Booking with Approval; On Line Course Records and Administration with Self Serve for Staff and Managers and CPD Coordinator Access for departmental or team staff development. These functions are especially designed to support the greater moves to devolved management and greater ownership of Staff Development and Leaning in Universities.

Appraisal and e-Appraisal

The increasing trend to implement Staff Appraisal and Review systems as part of overall terms and conditions for staff and at the same time reduce the costs of implementation is met by the SDMS V Appraisal module – providing; Appraisee Pairing, Appraisal Meetings Record with Agreed Targets. Most forms of appraisal can be implemented with the software including 360 degree review. Targets and Training Needs are linked to the training enrolment system. The Web e-Appraisal allows Appraisers and Appraisees to complete appraisals On Line.

Personnel Administration and e-HRP.Net for Web Access

The extensive and rich functionality of SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows provides Universities with a modular Personnel Administration System addressing the special requirements of Universities and offering an extensive range of modules - in addition to the core system; modules cover: Absence and Attendance, Posts, Contracts and Pay Details, Payroll Integration, Employee Development (Appraisal and Training), Part Time Staff Module, SIR Module, Line Manager Access, Organisational Charting and Crystal Reporting. It is a truly modular system available in a variety of technical formats from a Workgroup for the smaller organisations to thin Client for the very large College.

e-HRP.Net Web Access Module provides a seamless and fully dynamic intranet and web access system for SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows. It helps you simplify and reduce the cost of many day to day administration tasks by providing easy to use browser access for employees, managers and administrators. Cut out unnecessary paper forms and the time taken to complete them, and at the same time improve communication and collaborative working with between staff.

Specific Features of SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows

The Universities Edition has many features specifically designed for Personnel Administration in Universities. These include:

  • Multi-posting: Job Sharing and Part Time Contracts
  • Establishment and Recording of FTEs
  • Pay Scales and Pay Points with Discretionary Points and Bars
  • Automatic Increment Administration
  • HESA Data and Returns Module
  • Visiting Teacher Management Module
  • Equal Opportunities Records
  • Payroll Export to Bureau or Software
  • Pension Records

HESA Data and Returns

SDMS has been supplying Staffing Returns and Data Management to many parts of the public sector since its formation as a company and has proven experience in ensuring Universities can produce HESA Returns with minimum effort, cost or delay. This is now updated regularly to meet the latest HESA requirements and is a standard part of the core HRPersonnel system. It is fully integrated into SDMS V HRPersonnel, and avoids double entry and re-keying of data.

Equal Opportunities and CRB

All essential Equal Opportunities data can be held in employee personnel files including; Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age and Disability. All major reports can be selected by these criteria and the software includes specific Equal Opportunities Reports and Matrices.

CRB Checks as well as Professional Registrations and Renewals are recorded.

Post and Organisation Structure

Establishment and Post management is specifically designed around the needs of Universities with the ability to accommodate the simplest to the most complex post and job structures. Job sharing, full time jobs with supplementary part time contracts or multiple part time contracts are all supported. FTE's can be defined globally, by Staff Type, Post Type or by Person. Organisational Charting is available with analysis. Pay Scales with Spinal Columns, Minimum and Maximum Points, Bars, and Discretionary Points can be held within employee contracts as well as Weekly or Hourly Pay scales.

Jobs, Spinal Columns and Rule Based Salary Increments and Uplifts

SDMS V HRPersonnel has extensive salary management features. Comprehensive details of Wages and Salary can be held with the ability to auto calculate monthly (period) gross amounts for passing to payroll. Increments can be managed within the software, whether resulting from Annual Increases, Performance Management or obtaining Certified Qualifications. Annual Salaries, Pay Scales and Points, Weekly or Hourly Rates can all be accommodated within the software. Calculation of gross can take into account; Holiday, Lateness, and Sickness and Absence Rules. Full time staff with additional part time contracts can be managed. Monthly gross figures can be printed for passing to payroll or exported in Excel™ format for electronic entry. Export to Payroll is included and payroll Integration Services allow SDMS V HRPersonnel to be fully integrated with the Universities existing Payroll Software, bureau or alternatively with Earnie™ Professional Payroll offered by SDMS.