Software Solutions for Social Services and Adult Care

Agenda for Change and SDMS

Post qualifying staff training lies at the heart of the agenda for change in Social Services and Adult Care in Britain today. SDMS is widely used in Social Services departments to ensure training is well managed, monitored and evaluated so that it not only provides value for money but also extends the skills profile of the Social Services workforce. SDMS Social Services Editions not only have specific features reflecting the ways of working in social care but offer particular modules addressing key aspects of the agenda for change. Separate editions are provided for England, Scotland and Wales reflecting the different legislative framework of each Country.


SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Social

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Yes National Minimum Data Set and Qualifications Framework (More...) Yes
Web e-Training and Web Learning Management (More...) Yes e-NMDS for On Line Completion (More...) Yes
e-Learning (More...) Yes Performance Appraisal (More...) Yes
e-Appraisal (More...) Yes SDMS V HRPersonnel for Social Work Departments (More...) Yes
SDMS V Rostering and Staff Scheduling (More...) Yes SDMS V Recruitment and Selection (More...) Yes
SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills (More...) Yes Payroll Integration – To Existing Payroll (More...) Yes
Payroll Systems from SDMS (More...) Yes Integration with Council Systems and Bespoke Services (More...) Yes


Developing the Social Care Workforce - A Complete Learning Management System for Social Care

SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management provides a comprehensive Training Management System addressing all aspects of the development of staff working in social care – whether in Council departments, the voluntary sector or partner organisations. An integrated system; it addresses: Course Planning and Scheduling, Bookings, Enrolments and Attendance, Approval and Notifications, Trainer, Rooms and Resource Scheduling, Estimated Training Costs and Budget Management, (as well as Training Income and Revenues). And of course; extensive reporting and Workflow with Templates and Emails. Beyond this, the system offers optional Staff Development tools for Training and CPD Planning, Training Evaluation, Training Needs Records and Appraisal.

The National Minimum Data Set

Fully incorporated into the software; specific modules include all the features you need to collect, collate and submit the National Minimum Data Set (CMDS in Scotland). Employee and organisational data can be entered with Quick Entry Screens, Missing Data checks and Imports from corporate HR or Personnel. Export routines provide a Bulk Upload to the Skills for Care NMDS portal.

Managing Vocational Qualifications and QCFs:

SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows extends our learning management offerings with a system for the management and administration of National Vocational Qualifications within the QCFframework. It allows departments to manage every stage of the QCF learning process from initial registration, through achievement of each unit, to receipt of the award and certificate. Its portfolio management module allows the implementation of “paperless” QCFs whether on the server product or the optional Laptop Assessor Module.

Web Self Serve and Line Manager Access

Whether it is simply to offer course information on the Web or devolve staff development to Managers, SDMS Web e-Training provides On Line Enrolment and Delegate Booking, On Line Course Records and Administration with Self Serve for Staff and Managers. Provision and management of training to Partner Organisations is typically seen as a benefit of SDMS Web together with the extensive use of volunteers and the need to provide training for them.

Appraisal and e-Appraisal

The trend to implement staff appraisal and review systems as part of workforce development in social and adult care is met by the SDMS Appraisal module – providing Appraisee Pairing, Appraisal Meetings Record with Agreed Targets. Most forms of appraisal can be implemented with the software including 360 degree review. Targets and Training Needs are linked to the Training Enrolment System. The Web e-Appraisal allows Appraisers and Appraisees to complete Appraisals On Line.