SDMS Systems Integration Solutions

A Service to Support the SDMS Product Range.

More and more organisations are moving towards software that can integrate, link and communicate with other systems when deciding to purchase or upgrade critical software applications. In recognition of this, SDMS Ltd provides a range of data take on services and bespoke import solutions.

Data Take On and Migration from outgoing personnel, training or payroll systems in order to preserve continuity of historical data during system transitions follow rigorous bespoke methods. This ensures mapping and data translation as systems are migrated as well as optional data cleansing. Integration between SDMS software and other corporate systems with sharing of key corporate data items with periodic update and audit is also regularly provided with implementation projects. Security, audit and auto run at prescheduled times is offered as standard with the SDMS systems integration strategy. A range of leading industry tools and integration methodologies is used within the service. Increasingly, SDMS Ltd will be delivering interoperability with XML.


Examples of Data Exports with SDMS V HRPersonnel or Staff Development for Windows

This service allows either the "one-off" or regular updating of the staff file within SDMS Software from your Personnel, Payroll or main HR system. This greatly reduces the administrative and data entry burden already placed on staff and further enhances the flexibility of the SDMS Range of Products. A typical example of a benefit of this integration is the reduction of administration and data entry relating to the management of new starters for induction purposes, as well as the requirement for equal opportunities monitoring throughout all management information systems.


Qualification and Competencies

More and more organisations are managing qualification and competencies more precisely, whether as accreditation of prior learning or recently gained as a result of training. Those qualifications and competencies, delivered, monitored, gained and managed within SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows can then be exported back to the organisation’s HR system thereby ensuring a "one point of entry" integrated system and up to date information being supplied.


Data Import or Export of Training Activity Data

SDMS Integration Services allow you to manage the import of your training data from the existing system into SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows at implementation, whether from Excel™, MS Access™ or from a system that provides ASCII. CSV or Fixed Length field format. Alternatively, the exporting of activity data (with costs and enrolments) to the main HR system can also be managed simply and easily on a weekly, monthly quarterly or yearly basis.


Payroll Data Export: SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows

A comprehensive Payroll Data Export is provided as a module of SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows. When purchased with SDMS's own payroll it is provided free of charge but can be purchased for use with other payrolls such as Sage Payroll Professional. A definable export of payroll data is provided as standard via the Payroll Manager within the Personnel System. This includes all pay, allowances, benefits and other payments. Export is in a form suitable for pick-up by a payroll system or for transmission to a bureau service.

SDMS staff will assist you in ensuring your requirements are discussed, agreed and acted upon swiftly and professionally. SDMS System Solution Services will enable you to achieve best integration with best of breed choice in your applications software.

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