Software Solutions for Education and Children's Services

The Changing Role of Local Authority Education and Children's Services

Keeping pace with the organisational and curriculum changes in Education and Children’s Services is at best a daunting task and at worst a full time occupation. But whatever the shifts in national and local policy, at the heart of quality in educational provision is the professional development of teachers and others involved with children’s development. As a supplier of Staff Development and Learning Management Systems since the early 1990s SDMS Ltd has a proven track record and has developed its products to keep pace with these changes enabling School Support Services to provide training and development cost effectively and efficiently to Schools and Teachers.

Whatever the emphasis in how training is offered to Schools and how it is charged for, SDMS V Staff Development: Education and Children’s Services Edition will enable you to provide services effectively. With a proven record of delivery, it is a system you can rely on.


SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Education and Children's Services (More...) Yes Web e-Training and Web Learning Management (More...) Yes
Adviser and School Visit Records (More...) Yes Web e-Adviser (More...) Yes
Governor Records and Training (More...) Yes SDMS V Recruitment and Selection (More...) Yes
e-Learning (More...) Yes Integration with Council Systems and Bespoke Services (More...) Yes


A Complete Learning Management System for Schools Support

SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management provides a comprehensive Training Management System addressing all aspects of the learning and development of staff working in Schools and the Education Sector – whether your interest is in Teachers, Governors, Support or Administration Staff in Schools. As an integrated system it addresses: Course and Learning Planning and Scheduling, Bookings, Enrolments and Attendance, Approval and Notifications, Trainer, Rooms and Resource scheduling, Estimated and Actual Training Costs and Budget Management, (Training Income and Revenues). And of course; extensive Reporting and Workflow with Templates and Emails. Beyond this; the system offers optional Staff Development Tools for Training and CPD Planning, Training Evaluation, Training Needs Records and Appraisal.

Web Self Serve, Schools CPD Coordinator and Line Manager Access

Whether it is simply to offer course information on the Web or devolve Staff Development to CPD Managers in Schools, SDMS Web e-Training provides On Line Enrolment and Delegate Booking with Approval, On Line Course Records and Administration with Self Serve. SDMS V e-Training is an extension of SDMS V Staff Development "back office" to the web.

Adviser and School Visit Record

Complementing this; SDMS V Adviser and School Support for Windows provides a system for recording School Support Visits and Consultancy as well as service and support contracts with Schools within the LA (or Schools outside its boundaries). And, of course, it is fully integrated with SDMS V Staff Development to provide a single view of School Support - whether through traditional attendance on courses by its Teachers or Advisory Support and Consultancy School Visits or attendance at meetings.

Governor Training and Records

Where your Schools rely on you to help with recruiting and training School Governors; SDMS V Staff Development for Children’s services includes a record of the School Governing Body, Vacancies and School Governors. Of course Governor Training can be managed with the standard features of SDMS.

Integration with Finance and Corporate Systems:

To ensure that the time and effort spent in entering basic staff data is kept to a minimum, SDMS Software offers a range of products and services for integration with departmental or Corporate Systems by its integration import of New Starters and Staff changes or export of Training Records or detailed Training Costs to general ledgers.