SDMS V Sports Medical Records for Windows

SDMS V Sports Medical Records for Windows is available for all sports - whether individual or team based - where the management of player fitness and performance is at the heart of sporting success. SDMS Ltd is the UK’s leading supplier of software for the management of football club professional player records and academy management. Its Sports Medical Records, Injuries and Medical Audit Software supports the medical care, fitness and technical development of sports players, whether professional or amateur, in whatever sport.

The need to maintain player medical records has become increasingly important in recent years. Playing a key part in sports management, the medical and physiotherapeutic care of players has become crucial to maximising player fitness and performance. Initially developed with some of the countries leading football clubs, the software has now been extended to manage player medical records in any sport.

SDMS V Sports Medical Records, Injuries and Medical Audit Software allows full medical histories for all players to be maintained, from initial contact and assessment, and throughout their competitive history and development. The software mirrors the familiar process of best medical practice, allowing an initial summary of family background and relatives with known health problems or illnesses; any known or previous illness and hospitalisation; allergies and treatments; and special medical requirements to be logged. A specific feature of the medical records allows the user to enter keywords against any player and then to search the databases for medically significant keywords recorded.

Security and confidentiality are at the heart of the system. The Medical Records are specially password protected to ensure that the confidentiality relation between doctor and patient can be maintained. Access Levels can be set throughout the system to individual screen level and the software is also available with full audit trail maintaining a record of who, when, and what modifications have been made to medical data.

A full record of any injuries sustained can be maintained for all sports persons, including date, circumstances of the injury, full details, doctors and treatment dates, type and fitness tests. Where the injury leads to insurance claims, these can be managed with the software.

To ensure that the software is flexible and can be tailored to the user’s requirements, any form of medically significant data can be collected with its medical audit facilities. These allow any type of medical, physiological, muscular and skeletal data to be assembled, with appropriate measurement units, type, valid range, order and comments to be set. The data can be exported to Excel™ spreadsheet for further analysis or presentation.

A wide and extensive set of reports is provided including: Medical History, P.E. and Fitness Tests (both summary and detailed), Immunisation reports, allergies, drug tests, height change, weight change and body fat change over time. Specific reports are also provided for Audits. All reports may be customised by type of player, age group, and dates.

SDMS V Sports Medical Records for Windows is supplied in Deluxe form incorporating INVU™ Document Management, widely used for holding medical documents, x-rays and Scans. SDMS Products are available for single-user PCs, client server networks, Windows 95, 98, and 2000 and server based computing editions.