SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows

Developed with Practitioners

SDMS Ltd is one of the Country's leading suppliers of software for Staff Development and Training Administration. SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows is designed to provide a simple, easy to use but comprehensive system for the management and administration of QCFs. Developed in consultation and involvement with QCF practitioners, the software incorporates those features identified by practitioners as essential to their role: easy to use; reduce time spent on administration; keep track of where their Candidates are at; give them reminders; help them with assessments, help them plan, etc.

Comprehensive and Complete

SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows provides a fully integrated system for the management and administration of National Vocational Qualifications within the QCF framework across all occupational areas. It allows you to manage every stage of the QCF learning process from initial registration, through achievement of each unit, to receipt of the Award and Certificate. Its portfolio management features allow you to operate "paperless” QCFs whether on the server product or the optional Laptop Assessor Module.

QCFs and Staff Development

SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows allows users to maintain records of QCFs being undertaken by Candidates (employees or external candidates), allowing planning and tracking of the Award with each Unit and Element which leads to the overall National Vocational Qualification. It includes comprehensive employee and candidate information, full qualifications and previous experience profile; QCF Award Set up and Administration; Award and Learning Planner; Candidate Tracker; Assessor’s and Verifier's Management; Award Management; Portfolio Management. In addition, Work Placements, Meetings, and Quality Assurance Records can be maintained. Equally comprehensive Reporting and Query facilities complete the features of this very comprehensive software. SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows is also available as a fully integrated companion system with SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Management for Windows.

QCF Award Enrolment and Achievement

Awards can be set up in the software. Data recorded includes QCF Qualification Code, Qualification Title, Awarding Body Reference and Name, Occupational Area, Qualification Level and Area of Training. A bank of Occupational Standards can be set up with Units and Elements (Codes and Sub codes), allowing the management of all types of QCFs. Performance criteria and range information can also be held. One-time data entry ensures that these are available throughout the software. Rules can be specified on how many units a candidate is required to achieve to gain the award. SDMS Ltd provides Data Management Services to ensure that occupational standards and awards can be entered speedily and cost effectively.

Candidate Achievement

The QCF Awards Planner allows the planning of awards for Candidates, setting out the Units to be achieved, with Registration and Assessor Details. Data held for each Candidate taking the QCF includes: Date Registration Applied For and Registration Date, Assessor Name, Target Date for Award and Date Award Achieved. Unit Code, Description, Target Dates, Assessors and Verifiers, and Unit Achievement Date are held. Awards and may be planned to Element level, if required, with notes and guidance as to how they might be achieved. Prior Accredited Learning can also be recorded. Meetings and work placement information can also be added if required. As Qualifications, Skills and Competencies are achieved, these are automatically added to the employee’s Qualifications Skills and Competencies Record. Job and Post management features in the software allow gap analysis between requirements of the post and the employee’s skill portfolio for complete employee development. Plans can be tracked against achievement, with withdrawals or postponements.

Assessment Management and Tracking

The Assessor/Verifier Manager provides Personal Details, Equal Opportunities, and Contact Details for all Assessors and Verifiers. This includes their licence details and expiry, TDLB, D32, D33, D34 qualifications, the occupational areas they are competent to assess in, and any further qualifications and experience they possess. The software allows you to record assessors and verifiers (both internal and external) involved at each QCF Unit Stage. Candidates assessed and meetings histories are maintained for each Assessor.

Portfolio and Document Management

The Candidate Portfolio Management and Tracking features provides an On Line Electronic Portfolio System with facilities to hold materials and references, define contents, and cross reference to units and elements for all assessment purposes. Data such as filing date and reference, date of submission, verification date etc. is also included. SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows uses standard Windows facilities for document management. With the Optional QCF Laptop Assessor the software supports full paperless portfolios by allowing Candidate to hold scanned documents, photos and other relevant materials for each Candidate, Assessor and Verifier.

Analysis and Management Reports

Analysis and monitoring of the QCF Planning, Assessment and Achievement is supported by the software's extensive reporting facilities. Standard reports and document mail merge templates are included. All reports are flexible, customisable and can be sent to spreadsheet for further analysis. SDMS V Report Writer: Crystal Reports™ is available as an option.

Audit Trail Module - Industry Standard

The Audit Trail Module provides the ability to track all changes to the data entered in SDMS Software - when the change was made and by whom, thereby providing compliance with industry standards for data management with full traceability, accountability and security. This module uses the latest in Pervasive Database Technology – AuditMaster™.

Easy to Use and Integrated

Simplification of QCF Administration is supported by many software features. Wise Owls, Quick Administrators, Checklists, Business Rules and Reminders are just some of the many ease of use and Speed Entry Features of SDMS V QCF Learning and Skills for Windows. And, of course, SDMS Software is integrated with Microsoft Word™, Excel™, MapPoint™, QuickAddress Rapid™ and many other Windows Office™ Products for additional functionality and ease of use.