SDMS Product Implementation

Project Management to Success: The "45" Day Project Method: A planned approach to successfully implementing SDMS Software.

Whenever we buy anything - whether it be a washing machine, car, new house, or indeed SDMS computer software - we want to obtain the benefits of this purchase as soon as possible after we have parted with our money. The "SDMS 45 Day Project Method" is designed to arrive at just this result - the successful implementation of our software in the shortest possible time, at least cost and most effective use of people, resources and time. In built in each and every purchase of SDMS Software is the project management expertise of trainers and consultants with a record of many successful implementations. This expertise provides you with help and advice while recognising your supremacy as the driving force for success.

Whereas most people in their working lives may never be directly involved in the implementation of computer software at all, SDMS Ltd has over 15 years of accumulated experience of selling and implementing software in all types of organisations of various sizes. SDMS Ltd’s Managing Director and Founder, David Stevens has brought this experience together in the form of the "45 Day Project Method". The benefits of this method can be seen in the following outline plan:

The Key Elements of the Method:

  • The Project Planning Meeting

  • Setting out an Agreed Plan

  • Setting out Accountabilities

  • Coping with Disruptions to the Plan

  • Developing Partnership, Trust and Communication

  • The ongoing Plan for Use and Continuing Relationship

Sample SDMS Software Project and Implementation Plan

This plan is prepared for discussion immediately on confirmation of purchase and is based on the knowledge of customers aspirations gleaned during pre-sales discussions or tender. This plan provides the focus of the planning meeting held at SDMS Centre. During this meeting the customers lead team meet with key SDMS personnel who will be supporting the implementation:

  • Support Manager
  • Integration and Bespoke Specialist
  • Training Consultant
  • Quality Manager
  • Account Manager

This face to face planning meeting radically reduces the time and cost involved in implementing the software to the benefit of the customer.

This approach is designed to provide a common framework for successful implementation and as a guide to customers and suppliers staff.
It is designed to complete the implementation so those customers gain the benefits of your investment in the shortest possible time.

Sample SDMS Project Plan:

Beaconshire Social Services has purchased:


A. Software: 5 User License for Novell Netware server operating with Windows 98, ME and XP, Vista and Windows 7 clients

1. SDMS V Staff Development for Windows: Social Services Edition

B. Bespoke Repeating Import

C. On Site Installation visit by SDMS Technical Consultant

D. PC Anywhere Modem Support Software Host

E. Training and Consultancy

1. 1 Day Implementation Consultancy - On Site for 5 Staff

2. 1 Day End User Training - On Site for 5 Staff

3. 2 Delegate Days on SDMS End User Training Courses at SDMS Centre

The Project Meeting leads to an agreed set of dates for delivering these services with an agreed mechanism for amending the plan and for signing off all stages.