e-Academy.Net Summary

SDMS V e-Academy.Net Web Access for Coaches, Scouts, Club Administrators, Players and Parents

SDMS V e-Academy.Net Web Access provides essential Web Access for SDMS V Academy and Youth Development for Windows reducing costs and time of recording player information. SDMS V Football e-Academy.Net Web Tools are designed to minimise costs by providing easy to use Web pages for Coaches, Scouts and others to record information they currently have on paper (or in their head), and of course, making it more available to others in the Club at the same time.

e-Academy.Net Web Pages allow information about players and fixtures to be entered with immediate data synchronisation with SDMS V Football Academy for Windows acting as the “back office”.   All features of e-Academy are controlled by Password and Access Rights as well as standard Firewall and Intranet Security protocols and it can easily be embedded in the Clubs own Web site or Intranet - a simple hyperlink from your existing Staff Intranet takes you to the SDMS V e-Academy Web Tools.

Prospects, Players and Matches Management with e-Academy Web Tools

Simple, easy to use, but rich in functionality and comprehensive in scope, SDMS V Football Academy and Youth Development for Windows: Version 6 allows Staff, Scouts and Coaches to manage Prospects, Players, Matches and Assessments effectively. The system is an essential tool for compliance with the FA’s Programme of Excellence. The e-Academy module provides access to player records for Scouts and Coaches externally via the Web. Costs of administration are minimised with its many workflow features. e-Academy Web Access enables viewing and editing prospect and player information plus scheduling and reporting on matches and recording individual player assessments.

A Parent Information Portal allows parents to view fixtures, team selection, match and player assessments. e-Academy incorporates an in-built bulletin board communication tool for parents, players, scouts and coaches.

Really Simple to Use: Easy to Implement

Designed for Administrators, Coaches and Scouts, e-Academy Web Access allows authorised users to access and enter player information, whether it is updating next of kin details for prospects, recording registration information, skills and qualifications or scheduling a match and entering a match report and assessment. Each Web Tool has been designed with simplicity in mind so minimum expertise is needed. Web Tools are easy to install and are supplied with all you need to install.


SDMS V Football Academy for Windows:

More and more Football Clubs are focusing on the effective management of their Academies and Centres of Excellence and youth development in general, particularly ‘home grown’ talent, where major returns can be made for the club as a whole. SDMS V Football Academy for Windows gives clubs an easy to use effective tool for tracking the club’s youth development from initial registration and contracting through to the full professional status within the club. Improved record keeping available to specialist Academy staff provides essential administration backup to specialist coaching staff helping them focus on player development!

e-Academy and SDMS V Academy are fully integrated with SDMS V Academy  operating as a “back office” to e-Academy with a single set of data no matter from where it is entered – in the office using the Windows product or on the coaching field using the web!

FAs Programme of Excellence


SDMS V Football Academy and e-Academy supports your compliance with the FAs Programme for Excellence. Whether it is evidencing compliance during FA visits, the need for periodic player assessments, or the need to ensure that all player registrations and player profiles are computerised, SDMS software will make life easier by providing a single integrated database of all elements of player record keeping and administration.


Supporting the FA’s Programme of Excellence

The Academy and Youth Development Software provides a record of personal details of names, addresses, telephone numbers, parents and guardians and schools attended for all Academy players. Initial contacts and registration details, first season, age group, e.g. Under 16, type of player and position, whether ‘signed at a distance’ and initial scout and coach. A comprehensive database of all schools in the locality can be established with name, address, contacts, telephone numbers, and youth players attending the school.

Match history, appearance, selection and substitution can be recorded for each youth player together with scores; match discipline and post match assessments. A full profile of the player’s history with the club can easily be managed; logging details of the match, whether a league, cup or friendly competition, whether they played, were injured, or was a substitute and how many goals they scored.

An important aspect of a player’s career is the management of their discipline record as to the offence, the number of bookings and sending’s off on a cumulative basis, which extends into the management of fines, suspensions and censure/hearings where applicable.

A complete record of all player assessments with date, assessors name and assessment type can be recorded. As many types of assessment can be defined such as goalkeeper or attacker type, trialist assessment, scouting assessment and opposition player assessment.

Within each assessment type, a range of assessment criteria can be defined such as ball control, penalty taking, tactical awareness, etc. and the player’s performance graded against it. Grade styles may be numeric or descriptive. A text may be assigned to each grade which then allows the software to automatically generate progress statements for Academy player’s school heads or parents. Set up once assessment types, criteria and grades are re-useable when each player is assessed. Coach, scout and player comments can be added to the assessment. In addition, a coaching or skills development or fitness action plan can be recorded following the assessment.

Improve Player Management - Save Time

All data entered in the e-Academy Web Tools is immediately entered in the SDMS Academy database. Therefore reducing the “paper filing” work load of Coaches and Scouts allowing them more time to concentrate on player development. At the same time, player records are kept up to date easier and at less cost, providing the Club with instant access to the latest profiles and information on all their young players.

Unlimited Users

e-Academy Web Tools provide access for an unlimited number of users and build in the anywhere – anytime advantages of the web to your administration of player information and records. Football Web Tools give you up-to-date and accurate information from data entered by the users directly keying it in without the need for collection of paper forms and duplication of effort.

For More Information and To Purchase


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