SDMS Bespoke Development

Get the best of shrink-wrapped package solutions for the enterprise with the advantages of a full range of cost effective bespoke and amendment services. This will ensure that you will never have to change systems and incur the associated re-implementation and training costs because SDMS software does not meet your changing requirements. Whether it is an additional report, a small change to an existing feature or a completely new module in personnel and training, our specialist bespoke services can help.

And to ensure that this is done to your requirements and with minimum effort by you, SDMS Ltd uses the best in Bespoke Management Methods and Procedures to guarantee success. These procedures are designed to ensure the delivery of software changes and amendments to customers are carried out at minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.

At the heart of the process is unravelling your requirements and ensuring that they are met 100%.

  • The customer discusses their requirement with an appropriate company representative who will then consult with SDMS Ltd’s software development team on project feasibility.
  • The company produces a written "Customer User Requirement" for discussion with the customer. The focus here is assisting the customer on formulating what they want.
  • Where required, On Site Visits may be organised with the customer and key staff to carry out an On Site business analysis. SDMS Business and Technical Specialists produce a "Customer Proposed Solution Document" setting out how the customer’s requirement can be met including time-scales and costs.
  • Programming is carried out and the product or amendment tested in-house and delivered to the customer. SDMS Technical support is provided to the customer to support them in acceptance testing and confirming final amendments or full acceptance.

Customer Specific Bespoke Reports Service

SDMS Software has extensive standard reporting functions as well industry standard optional report writing with Crystal Reports™.

But as an additional guarantee that your reporting requirements will always be met, SDMS Ltd offers a special service to provide additional and further reports on request. Our standard bespoke management methods ensure that as unusual or special reporting requirements are thrown up in your day to day business, additional specialist resources are at hand to ensure that report is provided to you.

To Commission SDMS Bespoke Services please contact SDMS:

phone: +44 (0) 1952 200911