Staff Development Management Systems Ltd

SDMS Ltd is one of UK's leading providers of Staff Development, Training Administration, Personnel, Payroll and Human Resource Management Systems. Our range of products is unique addressing all aspects of Staff Development and Personnel Management in the modern Corporate environment - both public and private.

Our Mission

SDMS Ltd aspires to be one of the Country's leading software solutions providers for Personnel, Staff Development, Payroll and Recruitment Management for the Windows environment and the Web. It pursues this by combining the very best technologies, applications and services and in delivering these seeks to develop long term partnerships with all it's Customers.

Our unique combination of expertise in Human Resource Development, Staff Development, Personnel Management, and innovative software design is blended and balanced by a commitment to satisfy Customer requirements and ambitions. An SDMS member of staff is committed to this in all aspects of their work and seeks to be friendly and highly skilled in their specialist area of work.

With Customers and Clients across all sectors in the UK, both public and private, including Further and Higher Education, Local Education Authorities, Charities, Construction, Social Services, Hospices, Probation Services, Magistrates Courts, Health Care, Local Government, Schools and leading Football Clubs, SDMS works with the best in all sectors.

Product Portfolio

Our current product range includes: software for Personnel Administration, Staff Development Management, with options for Training Evaluation, Skills and Experience Audit, Training Needs Analysis, IIP Training Planning, and Staff Appraisal. In addition we have specialist software for QCF and Learning Management with Laptop Assessor options. Available for Windows and Novell Netware these are complemented by the SDMS range of web based products – e-Training and e-HRP. These not only provide self service for Employees and Managers but also extensive On Line Personnel and Training Administration. Through its SDMS Intex dealership SDMS Ltd also offers one of the Country's most widely used payroll products fully integrated with its personnel system.

Products are available in Specialist Editions to suit the unique requirements of particular organisations (e.g. Social Services or LEAs). And we are proud to be the leading supplier of Football Management Software for both Academy and Professional Player Administration.

All products are supported by Project Management, End User Training and Consultancy, System Configuration, Bespoke Software Development, High Quality User Support, User Groups and ongoing Research & Development.

A History of Success

Founded in 1990, SDMS Ltd is a specialist solutions provider for enterprise level personnel, recruitment and staff development management systems. Its products combine extensive and high level functionality with ease of use and scalability.

The origins and expertise of SDMS Ltd can be found in 1986 when its founder and current Managing Director was appointed as Project Director to lead two combined projects on behalf of the Department of Education and Science and the Manpower Services Commission, based at the West Midlands Advisory Council for Further Education and Training.

Spanning two years, these projects focused on the effective management of Staff Development and policy formulation in Further Education Colleges and related staff training databases. The projects were funded by government to the value of £200,000 and led to the production of Staff Development policy guidelines subsequently used by the MSC in College funding approvals and early versions of SDMS software itself. At a very early stage several Colleges in the West Midlands and later nationally asked to become involved in this development and the software was developed in parallel for Colleges. In its third year the work moved to a self financing basis generating some £250,000 per annum. In April 1990, with the changes in funding and the statutory role of Advisory Councils, SDMS was subject to a management buyout. This buyout was put in place with the business planning advice of Ernst Young and legal representation of Edge Ellison of Birmingham. From its origins therefore, SDMS Ltd has brought together a unique combination of best practice and expertise in Training Administration and Staff Development Management together with computer skills and knowledge and has sought to embed these in a financially stable and well run business.

SDMS Ltd has continued to grow and prosper over the intervening years establishling a national reputation for excellence in its products and services. As a business SDMS Ltd has maintained a secure financial basis and is stable and secure. Its current business plan and investment schedule will continue to support these trends.

Its staff are recruited from the best and are committed to Quality and Customer Service. The Company has a friendly and professional style Its staff are supported by the Company’s deep commitment to Employee Training and Development.

Customers and Clients

SDMS Ltd has an extensive and wide-ranging Customer base. The typical SDMS software user organisation has a high level and sophisticated demand in Training Administration and Personnel. Offering highly specialised Editions in particular sectors has allowed the Company to have a very strong presence in particular sectors. Increasingly, the Customer base is extending to other sectors and types of organisations with similar business requirements.

The Company’s Customers and Clients also reflect its development of highly specialised or editionalised software in those sectors which historically place a high value on Employee Training and its Administration. Colleges, LEAS, Social Services, Local Councils and Probation Services figure highly as do Companies for whom Recruitment and Training or Customer Services is critical. In the past years SDMS has established a leading presence in the Football Industry supplying nationally and internationally known Football Clubs with software for Youth and Professional Player Contracts control and management.

It has many Customers who use more than one of its applications - Staff Development Software, Personnel Administration, Recruitment and Selection, Training Needs Management, Training Evaluation, Appraisal or other more specific applications. All Customers are routinely provided with telephone and technical support through a dedicated support team, training and consultancy, periodic software upgrades and other technical services. Customer Care and regular Account Management Meetings are offered to all Clients.

The Company has extensive experience of contracting and delivering large and complex projects successfully These include: DES/MSC Staff Development formulation Project; DES/MSC Staff Training Database Project; DES PICKUP INSET Research Project; Economic Development Department Birmingham City Council/ESF Funded; project for software to support effective training in the private sector; Employment Department and Birmingham Training and Enterprise Council Investors in People Project; Scottish Office Education Department - Colleges CMIS; National Health Service Training Directorate - TIMS Project. In addition, SDMS software has been successfully implemented in many organisations employing 10,000/15,000 staff to assist in the management of training budgets of £5m or more. We believe previous success with such projects enables us to confidently and realistically offer SDMS as your preferred choice.

More recently the Company has applied its highly successful Project Management and Delivery Methodology to several successful Corporate implementations of its Staff Development and e-Training Products as well as its Personnel and Payroll Solutions.

All SDMS Software is copyright to SDMS Ltd and wholly and exclusively owned by SDMS Ltd. SDMS products are now complemented by a range of business and third party product arrangements.