e-Learning Excellence with eFront™ Enterprise e-Learning

Features and Functionality
Integrated with SDMS V Staff Development and Learning Products - A Total Learning System Yes
Easy to use and visually attractive - user friendly interface Yes
Technologically Advanced: Ajax enabled, Unicode, LDAP and SCORM Compliant Yes
Pedagogical and Learning Concepts integrated into eFront Yes
Trainer and Administration Access for On Line Course Evaluation Completion Yes
External Trainers or Training Providers On Line Course Evaluation Completion Yes
Wide variety of tools to help you create lesson structure and add content Yes
Build On Line Tests, communicate with others, track users history and progress Yes
Conduct surveys, assign projects and create certifications Yes
Simple and Easy to Install on your own servers Yes
Hosting Service for eFront  can be provided by SDMS Ltd Yes
Options available for Single Server installation with Unlimited number of registered users: 250 - 300 concurrent users Yes
Options available for Multiple server installation with Unlimited number of registered users and concurrent users Yes
eFront can be implemented as a Standapart system or combined be SDMS Staff Development for Windows Yes


SDMS Classroom and Face-to-Face Training Module for blended learning allows managers and administrators to:


Plan, set up and define classroom training courses Yes
Specify the skills and qualifications the course leads to Yes
Define course pre-requisites to ensure students are qualified to make the best of the course Yes
Assign Course Organisers and Providers Yes
Schedule the training events with dates, times and venues Yes
Assign Trainers to Events Yes
Schedule the Rooms and Resources for the Events Yes
Approve Applications or Nominations from Students Yes
Upload Training Materials for Use in the Course Yes
Student Level Access for Students to View Face-to-Face Training Courses and Apply for them Yes
An Extensive Set of Pre-defined Reports Yes
Set a Price to be Charged for Attending the Course Yes
Record Attendance and Course Participation Yes
Email Course Approvals and Rejections Yes
A Utilities and Configuration Module Yes